Thursday, October 1, 2009

xiik Interactive Marketing Picks Me Up

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but recently I took a job opportunity at a little place called xiik Interactive Marketing (pronounced zeek). I guess they liked me or something. Weird, I know. Go ahead and click on that link. I'll wait for you to browse the website.

Impressive? I think so.

I wasn't hired on for one, but two jobs. My role(s): Assistant Art Director and Account Coordinator. Those are two things I've gotten pretty good at over the years, so I'm fitting right in. I was even part of the inspiration that made my boss decide and get a new office space. Read all out that funny story here. Trust me, it's worth that read. I wrote it!

What do we do you ask?

We freakin' rock, that's what! On top of rockin' your socks off, we effectively take your brand and make it amazing through interactive marketing, custom websites, print design and advertising. The nice thing about us is that we have Account Managers (and Account Coordinators) keeping the client in the "loop" throughout our entire design and development phases. There isn't miscommunication because there is only one source to go to — me!

My other role as Assistant Art Director may sound fancy because it is. At least I think so. Underneath the Art Director, I am the go to guy for all things design related, whether it be conceptualizing website interfaces or revising them.

The adjustment has been really smooth and I couldn't enjoy the people I work with more. They are good peoples! Yeah, I said "peoples." Didn't they used to say that back in the day?

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  1. Big congrats! You aren't even out of school yet right? I wish I had been as focused as you seem back in school. I was far too quiet though. Need any other artists? ;-)

  2. Hey Clifton, you're right. I'm still a junior in college. I try not to show that so much on my blog in hopes people may take me more seriously. I guess it's sort of obvious though.

    Unfortunately we aren't currently looking for artists, but if there are openings, you'll be seeing a post on here about it. :)

  3. Thanks, and good luck with the new job.