Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Web Design Trends and Predictions

As the new years rolls around, there have been quite a few posts on some very notable blogs about the predicted trends for web in 2010. Obviously they aren't 100% guaranteed, but these guys usually know their stuff. Here are a few great reads that will probably benefit you, giving new perspectives to the future of interactive design and visions for new projects you take on.

Web Design Trends for 2010 by Web Design Ledger
10 Web Trends to Watch in 2010 by CNN
Pantone is Blowing Up in 2010 by Fuel Your Creativity

Also, here's a good post on some resolutions "freelancers" should keep in mind. I know not all of us are freelance designers, developers, programmers, animators, etc, but these are great points we can still take a lot from.

10 New Years Resolutions Every Freelancer Should Have by Freelance Folder

Oh, and how could I forget an article written by my work [xiik Interactive Marketing] about 2010?! It's definitely a good read, as all the others are.

Five Resolutions Your Business Can't Afford to Break by xiik Interactive Marketing

Be sure to share this, enjoy and have the very best 2010!

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  1. I could use this resource for my current Wales web design projects. These trends are continually geared towards easier usability while getting a sophisticated presentation.