Monday, September 6, 2010

SIGGRAPH 2010 Los Angeles Recap

This years SIGGRAPH was bar none an incredible experience, during and after the conference. From the busy volunteer schedule, to partying with Crystal Method in Hollywood, to missing yet another one of my flights, it was surely a time to remember.

I'd like to mention that this post is so late because I moved into a new house immediately after the conference, so it has been a hectic few weeks. Oh, and college classes started back up the same week. Talk about bad timing. Like always, though, I made it out alive and am getting back into the swing of things — hence this post!

Dreamworks Tour

As a student volunteer you get a lot of benefits, along with the confere
nce experience. As a team leader, you get a few more benefits. This year, I was a team leader and our extra special surprise was a tour of Dreamworks the day after we all arrived. We quickly learned why our tour guide, who was super down to earth, explained to us that Dreamworks is the 6th best company to work for. Here is me standing in front of their front door.

Their campus is beautiful and the culture seems amazing! I could see myself applying here next year. Maybe...just maybe. Overall, the tour changed my perspective on studio life and really made me eager to find my way there!

Volunteer Experience

Like I mentioned before, we get some special privileges for being a volunteer. Hell, we make the conference run after all. Your welcome! This year I was in charge of registration. This was the picture hanging up in the office all week. I can refer you to my agent if you are interested in giving me a modeling contract.

If there are any art, technology, or creative students reading this, definitely consider looking into this rare opportunity. It is life changing, not only because you surround yourself with professionals from all over the world, but you make friends and network with them at the same time. Did I mention you get to travel all over the place? Ya, pretty sweet gig. Check out more information here.

The Parties

Yep, the parties get their own chapter in this post! Why? Simply because they help make the entire SIGGRAPH experience. After an entire day at the conference, it is nice to get out and let your mind take a break from all the CG goodness filling every inch of your brain. Getting to know other people at SIGGRAPH at the parties is a completely different experience, and a more fun one at that. I mean, when do you all get the chance to see Crystal Method in Hollywood with all the other CG geeks? Not often. Here is the ticket to get into that party. Each ticket let in one guy and two girls. Needless to say, there was a good ratio!

The Last Day...

...I missed my flight! Uhg. What's new? It was actually a pretty crazy story and a very fun one. If you'd like to check out full details of this experience, which is worth a read, check out this post I wrote for xiik. That's where I work! I'll just show you some pictures that will explain why we missed that flight.

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