Monday, October 13, 2008

ChaCha Shirt

A few months back I became an employee of ChaCha, answering your stupid questions and telling you dirty jokes! They held a shirt design competition to promote the ChaCha "Guides" and I entered the following piece into the contest, which should have won. Why do I say that? Not because I think I'm the best designer there ever was, but rather, the other submissions and the design that won the contest was absolutely dreadful and boring. I just don't get it. But hey, there's a great quote for this kind of situation:

"You have to have a healthy respect for every contest you enter. Otherwise, what is the value in winning it?"

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  1. Design standards in these contests are often subjective, maybe they were looking for clever copy instead of clever design. Maybe they were looking for aesthetic design instead of clever design. Who knows, at least they are involving the guides. Just another piece for the portfolio, can't complain too much!

  2. You're right! And it is just another portfolio piece that I can use. Thanks!

  3. Joshua, you sound a tad bitter. Hahaha.