Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Branding Process: Final Comps

As the process started to boil down, I was forced to make a decision on what comp to go with. If you are confused by this posting, please go read the first post of the series first to see what concepts these came from.

It was a tough call, but I love simplicity. Take the Apple logo for instance. Extrem
ely simple, but well implemented. That's my take on this project, as reinforced by my professor. Since DCT is the overall program and the other 4 branches are majors beneath it, I decided to have that encompass every color from the others. My goal is to have people look at each logo and associate the colors to the style and appearance of the degree itself.

There may be some final tweaking to the color orders and whatnot based on the
critiques I get from fellow peers and professors, so make sure to check back Wednesday for any updates to these. Hopefully I'm on the right track though. Here are the final comps of the 5 logos.

Comments and critiques are more than welcome!

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  1. Thanks April! I knew you out of all people would be a fan. ;)

  2. nice! it would be really cool if they use these at school. The colors seem to match the department pretty well when i think about them too. My only critique would be to watch the spacing between the department acronyms and the top color bars. The DCT one looks like it could use a little more space on top.

    Good job!

  3. Yeah, I hope these are chosen for our school's brand. That would be a nice portfolio piece. I'm about to receive critiques, but I def. agree with you on the spacing. That was probably my biggest struggle.

    Since this is a brand family I wanted to try and keep them all the same look and feel. Unfortunately, the names of the departments are not all the same amount of characters long and that's where I'm getting tripped up.