Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Branding Process: Sketching and Comps

Logo development doesn't come easy. Anyone who has ever developed a brand for a company knows that it is a lot of work and takes quite a bit of effort. I wanted to present you with a case of my own.

Right now, I am taking a class and our first project of the semester was to create a brand family for a real client. In our case, the client is my school! There are 5 departments within the school and we are to make 5 separate logos, but have them visually relate and flow together. The only downside is the project time line is a whopping 2 weeks. Short for such an extensive design, but nonetheless obtainable.

So, I will take you from concept to creation. This first post being the concept work and the second will be the final digital versions.

This may be sloppy, but once I get to the 3 comps, they come together a little more. But, it doesn't end there! These are just guides for me when I start working on the computer.

So, all there is left to do is get into Illustrator and start browsing ideas to develop one of these 3 ideas into a well designed brand family. Can I do it? I think so! Check back next week for the final 5 logos.

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