Saturday, July 4, 2009

Composing for Characters: Disney/Pixar's UP Soundtrack

First off, if you haven't seen UP, you must go right now! No, I mean now. Stop reading this blog post, check the movie times, bookmark this page for reading after you get back from the film, and go experience one of the greatest animated films ever created!

Thanks to Upcoming Pixar, I am able to stay updated on everything that happens with the feature films, toys, employees, and the entire world in which they live in. This happens to be one of my favorite blogs to follow. And trust me, that's saying something because I follow well over 50 others.

Well, recently they posted this video, which is about the music behind the film UP and how Michael Giacchino composed for the characters. It makes me admire Pixar and just how much effort they put into every aspect of the film.

After watching the above video, I immediately opened iTunes, browsed to Pixar soundtracks, and purchased the entire UP soundtrack. The score literally bring tears to my eyes. It's astonishing how just 8 simple notes can bring out so much emotion!

I'm listening to the soundtrack as I type this and am more than happy with myself for buying the album. It is taking me through the exact same emotions I felt during the movie and I'm not even watching it. Talk about great composition! I promise you that the money you spend on watching UP in theaters and buying the soundtrack is well worth it.

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