Thursday, July 9, 2009

Inspirational 3D Stills #1

CGSociety is one of the greatest online communities on the face of the interwebs. It really has any for of computer graphics niche on it, allows you to network with other students and professionals, and gives you an overwhelming amount of work produced by these talented artists. Just today my user title went from "veteran" to "frequenter." And as a frequenter now, I feel I must start incorporating the amazing work on CGTalk into the blog.

Today's topic: Inspiration from 3D Stills. The variety of style and creativity between these renders goes to show that this community really hosts every kind of artist out there. I hope these can spark some ideas or inspire you to make some of your own awesome works in 3D.

(Click on each picture to navigate to the artist's original post.)

Jack Zhang

Viki Yeo
Balázs Pápay
Andre McGrail
Alessandro Baldasseroni

Yu Cheng Qu
Olivier Defaye
Quentin Mabille

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