Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautiful 2D Animation "Onwards" by James Jarvis

After posting my first short animation, I have a new view on animation itself. I really have a feel for the long hours and hard work that goes in to the best of the best and respect the creators just that much more than I did before. This is one of those animations.

Created by James Jarvis and beautifully directed by Richard Kensworthy, Onwards has incredibly unique animations and drawings! This animation piece was sponsored by Nike, which is really awesome because it allowed this artist to really showcase his work without being pushed one direction or the other. I'd also like to point out that this is a good example of how important stretching is.

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  1. thats neat !

    hand drawn animation doesn't cease to amaze me time and again !

  2. I'm curious, do you know for sure that it's pure 2D? the runner looks like he is rendered in 3D almost, due to the mechanical smoothness of his motions, and the volumetric preservation of the body parts (there is no squash deformation, everything remains fairly intact), than with 2D effects and artwork drawn alongside... I'm not sure I'm seeing where you're talking about stretch, care to elaborate?

    Did some diggin, also, doesn't say specifically, but here is a link to some cool videos talking about James Jarvis...

    Also this page has a comment that goes the same thoughts as me, that it is 3D cel shade, with after effects applied afterwards.

    This still really impresses me from a 3D animation standpoint, its one of the few extremely convincing hyper-realistic runs I've ever seen (If it was 2D, I would think it would have to be rotoscope, but like I said I'm thinking it is a composition of 3D cel shades and some really well done 2D pans and effects. The drawings of the character concepts are in 2D, as evidenced by Jarvis' work (I think, I just kind of skimmed those videos). Curious if you found anything different...

  3. Ani, I agree! Thanks again for that re-post.

    Nate, I thought about that for a bit and also wasn't sure it was 2D or not. It is almost too perfect to be 2D in a way, and I would imagine it had to be rotoscoped if that's the case. I'd also have to do some searching, but for some reason I'm sticking with my gut and saying 2D.

    Although, lately, when I do these sort of posts, the author sometimes leaves comments thanking me for the mention and whatnot. Maybe James will do the same, read these comments, and clear up the questions we have.

    Maybe we can find his contact information and just go straight to the source. Haha! That would probably be the easiest way. Either way, it's a tough call jsut because it's that good. Hopefully someone can clear it up.

  4. excellent bog, I like it, thanks to share...........