Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Introducing the MacBook Wheel

For my latest assignment, I was to make a 3-page magazine spread of any gadget of my choosing (fake or real). Naturally, I went with something fake! The follow text is taken from the article. It almost makes me want to buy one!

"The all new MacBook Wheel has hit the market and is creating more hype than the iPhone! The internet is buzzing over Apple’s latest invention, the MacBook Wheel. This is a revolutionary laptop that does away with the keyboard for good. You will have to say goodbye to the keyboard and say hello to the future of laptop computers.

Apple has replaced the keyboard with a sleek, touch sensitive click wheel and has said that the MacBook Wheel will make typing a thing of the past. This is such a compelling story from the guys over at Onion News Network, they even show us one of these so called new laptops and how the new system works.

Our own reporter, Chuck Norris, was fortunate enough to talk with someone who is an engineer, designer, and creative director for Apple. He shows the reporter how the MacBook Wheel works, and we can see just how simple the system is to type with after quite a bit of practice. The employee from Apple says that everything is a few hundred clicks away and he doesn’t lie when he says this. It only took him 45 minutes to type a simple email!"

That's all fun and games, but as many of you know, there is no such thing as a MacBook Wheel...yet. I wanted to choose a product nobody else would and thought this would be fun and funny to create. This MacBook illustration was done in Illustrator and the whole magazine spread was created in InDesign (my first ever journey in the program).

I also love how Wired Magazine presents their information and lays out their content and graphics. That served as inspiration for my project and I think helped make it seem like a real magazine spread/cover you would see in there. I believe my choice of composition worked well to achieve a visually pleasing article. Now, let's just see is Wired Magazine notices this and scouts me!

As for the many of you who are in the dark about the origin of the MacBook Wheel, there is a video that will explain everything. The Onion News Network is a fake news source that comments on current events, both real and imagined. It's almost scary just how professional the videos and article are. The reporters must be extremely talented actors or real news reporters who flunked out of college. Either way, it's hilarious! Enjoy!

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  1. Nice, it almost looks legit! The Onion has excellent actors, in my opinion. You do know they made a movie right? It's rather hilarious, and even stars Steven Seagal. Yeah but anyways, what was the logic behind that graph? I'm trying to understand it... Either way though, your magazine work looks scarily like the real thing. Thank goodness that the MacBook Wheel doesn't exist... It doesn't exist right? ... RIGHT???

  2. I agree with Nate. The Graph is confusing... Maybe if we could hold it... Great work though Joshy! Your print work is impeccable!

    If the Mac Wheel existed I would convert.

  3. I totally agree with you both on the graph situation. It was actually a concept that I threw together somewhat fast to get this thing done in a reasonable time. No excuse I know, but really, the information isn't the most important part of the assignment, but the look.

    I was trying to depict that as the iPods/iPhones evolved, so did the simplicity (went down). It is a bit confusing, but a nice graph concept, so I stuck with it.

  4. I think its the size equaling downward simplicity conflicting with the left to right progression of the ipod images...

  5. That thought did cross my mind. It seems a bit odd as far as the graph goes, but at the same time works with the composition. Such a toughie!

  6. A direct quote from Chris March:

    "Dude. Hehe! I glanced at it yesterday, and thought it was a real ad that you were blogging about. Very well done. It is very clean, which plays to the Apple design."

  7. Video: 45 minutes to type an email! hahaha
    Your article looks great!