Friday, May 22, 2009

Rzeszów, Poland 2009 (Week 1)

We arrived in Rzeszów, Poland this past Saturday and have been treated very nicely by the UITM college that we are teaching at. As the week winds down, I have realized just how much I miss home. It isn't until you are gone for quite some time until you actually notice your need for the ones you love.

Now, I'm not saying this ins't a trip of a lifetime, because it is. I am simply pointing out that nothing will ever be as good as home. There is no replacement!

Enough of my venting about being away from home, now for some of the good stuff! The first night we walked to the Renik, which stands for the Polish market square, to site see and get a feel for the people and culture we will be immersed in for the next few weeks. To say the least, we were pleased! We caught the last day of their National Free Mueseum holiday, so what better to do than travel 10 meters under the earth in hundred year old catacombs!

What?! A real dead body? No way! Just kidding. It's fake. This did happen to creep out quite a few of it's victims. We had a good laugh. The catacombs were very interesting, nonetheless. Maybe not quite worth the 2 hour wait, but still enjoyable.

Now, I bet you're curious as to where I am teaching and sleeping. I'm a mind reader, so don't be too surprised! The first picture below is the front of the building where we teach. My bedroom (the second picture) is just around the corner from here. Literally a stones throw. Looks cozy, doesn't it? I'm acutally sitting right at that desk as I type this post. Weird, huh?

This is the classroom we teach in and a decent amount of the students in our class. Some have been cropped out, but I will post more pictures of them and the classroom in the next blog post. I can't spoil you by giving it to you all at once now can I?

Too busy for basketball? Yes, we are. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to tear up the court and make it rain with 3's. On the other hand, frisbee, billiards, poker, and eukre seem to be our choice of liesurely activities. There were actually a couple injuries in our heated game of frisbee. Computer graphics students and professors really know how to throw down.

Talk about a small car! As you can see, my peer's arm is about a fifth the size of the entire car. We have now coined these cars as "meep meeps" because we figure they probably go "meep meep."

I will be posting one or two more blogs while in this city, so stay tuned for more sites, fun, and adventure from Rzeszów, Poland!

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  1. Thanks for posting these, Josh; at least I can go to Poland vicariously!

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  3. Hi Josh, Sisca here, remember me? We met at Siggraph Asia in Singapore :)... I just created my blog, quite empty right now, but I'm going to update asap.:) ,, Btw the catacomb reminds me with the other catacomb in China. They have quite a lot ancient catacombs and it's awesome to see that. Especially the one in Xian City... Terraccota Army catacombs.

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