Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Best of Poland 2009

Over the course of a month, I took well over 500 pictures. Granted all are from Poland, many are from different cities within. This post serves as a favorite pictures kind of post, since I took so many pictures on my trip.

But, how could I pass up an opportunity to win $250 for my best photo? Well, as you can see with this post, I haven't passed it up and I sure as heck need the money! Who's hosting the contest you ask? Our good friends over at UPrinting! I'm sure you could have guessed though. is a leading online provider of business cards, color brochures and mailing postcards. I recently held a poster giveaway where 2 readers easily won free poster printing! Make sure to check it out and stay tuned for the next giveaway!

On with the pictures! The first listed is my favorite of the bunch, but what follows are just some extra eye candy for your enjoyment. You didn't come all the way out here just to see one picture now did you? So, I'll start you off with my favorite picture of the summer so far:

There are no fun captions to describe this picture because it really isn't a fun photo. Rather, this was taken at Aushwitz on the train tracks that took so many people on their last train ride. The flowers, candle, depth of the track, and lighting all work together to bring out a hopeful, but sad sort of feeling. It was really powerful standing on those tracks.

Here are the rest of the photos I think were the best from my trip. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

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  1. When I first saw your train track photo, I suddenly missed doing one of my hobbies which is photography. I’m also a photoholic, lol! This picture could already tell a story, a love story with broken promises perhaps? You have a good eye for great shots. Fabulous.

    The fourth picture to the last is a postcard material. Very nice. The contrasting colors make it look so warm and inviting. My best friend actually has a photo on that exact area too!

  2. Thanks for the nice comments! I'm glad I could spark some emotion with that picture. After all, that was the goal.

    My description of it is a bit less than what I wanted to write, but for the readers time and sake of happiness, I decided against writing my deep thoughts on it. One of the saddest days of my life, but extremely powerful.

    Now where's my $250!? Haha! I hope you keep me in mind for the contest. :)