Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poznan, Poland 2009 (Week 1)

As another week has slowly passed, more festivities bring themselves to us. We've been able to see quite a bit of the city, and countryside, even struggling through our living situation, which is 45 minutes away from the center of the city. This is also where we teach, so every day is a hefty commute. The internet isn't too hot here either. I guess you could say that it's the opposite of high speed. I'm lucky to be writing this blog actually. The pictures took about an hour to upload!

More pictures you say? Ok, I'll get on with it! So, I was talking about the middle of the city in my last post called the "rynek," which means market square. Here are some more pictures from the lively part of town. It always seems like there are things going on, kids chasing pigeons, creepy statues coming to life, and balloons for all!

I haven't shown you where we teach yet, so I guess it's about time. Not that it's anything special, but here are a few pictures of students and the building we are in. The school initials are WSKIZ and that's the way it will stay because there is no chance in hell I can pronounce the real name. Oh, and if you're wondering what is on that student's head, it's a pair of headphones with fake apples attached to the side. How creative.

What do we do in our free time? We cook out, play cards, have strawberry fights, sit on the computer, sleep, and play chess. I bet I lost you at strawberry fights! Long story short, there was a strawberry war. I'm sure that helped paint the picture. Maybe the photos below will. This cookout was a success and to say the least, we were all about five pounds heavier after the meal!

To end a pretty busy week, we were taken out to tour the countryside by the mayor of that city, which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. Either way, it was very interesting actually finding out he was in fact their mayor halfway through the day during some casual conversation between us and our translator, who by the way looks like Misha Barton (Marissa from The OC)!

To sum it up, the experience was amazing and that day was probably one of my favorites of the entire trip. We took a hike through a beautiful park and played soccer against a bunch of 10 year old Polish children after. We were on the girls team! Dinner finally came and we ate at this amazing hotel, deserted in the middle of nowhere. After that, we ended up at a sort of carnival where we had a special table reserved for us and to make a weird story even more weird, I ended up with some old guys baseball cap because I looked at recycled batteries.

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  1. Recycled batteries you say? Not too weird. Baseball cap in Poland: very weird.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the trip with Zybziec. He is my favorite part of the trips as well!

  2. Yes, recycled batteries. I'll tell you all about it when I get home, Zeb. It will make you laugh.