Monday, June 22, 2009

Pixar's UP Grants Girl Her One Last Wish

A truly touching story comes from one of the animation big dogs and my personal favorite of the lot: Pixar. Not the happiest story, but very moving, nonetheless. Colby Curtin is no ordinary girl. She’s got a rare disease taking over her body, vascular cancer. Ever since she saw the trailer for Pixar’s Up, she’d been excited to see the sky high adventures of Carl and Russell. But as circumstances would have it, she never got to do so in theaters because of scheduling issues and her deteriorating health condition.

Colby said that she did not want to pass away before she saw the new Pixar movie. (I probably would have said the same thing.) One of her family members frantically called Pixar and luckily found someone who could help! The Pixarian flew down to her house with a DVD of the movie and a bag full of Up goodies one day later. The family enjoyed the movie (and their last moments with Colby) that day.

After the movie was over, the girl was asked if she enjoyed it. She was in so much pain all she could do was nod "yes." 7 hours later she passed away, but she died with her final wish granted.

This really is a beautiful story that I highly encourage you to pass along. It shows that Pixar is much more than just an animation studio, they are passionate individuals who are extremely down to earth. I'm also not just saying that because of this story, but because I've read a lot about the company and how they run things.

This also highlights the wonderful design environment in which many of us have the privilege of working in every day, the amazing people you meet, and the good deeds they do for others. This is the main reason I am so passionate about the computer graphics industry and why that passion will never die, but rather only continue to grow!

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