Friday, March 27, 2009

The Wonderful World Of Twitter

It's about time! I have finally crossed the barrier and given in to the social networking pressures of Twitter. You may have heard of this website. It's only the 3rd largest social networking site in the world, just behind Facebook and Myspace! I'm not sure what inspired me, but I guess I have just been hearing so much about this service and wanted to join in on the fun. I'd rather illustrate my opinions on Twitter, rather than reading about it.

So, I have been a member of the site for one full day. And I mean this literally (24 hours). These are my thoughts: I love the interface! I thought I was going to be scared of learning how to use everything and adjusting to a new world. Just today I was told a wonderful quote by a great friend of mine that goes a bit like this, "I would have been as confused as a new born baby in a topless bar!" Fortunately, Twitter takes no time at all to learn. I even believe that my mom could, and that's saying something.

Another plus is that the site is clean! Twitter is very organized, minimalistic, and simple, which is a great attribute for a social networking site to have. This is the number one reason I left Myspace, along with the thousands of others. Who likes waiting 5 minutes for a friend's page to load? Not this guy! Facebook is right up there with simplicity, even more so than Twitter in a way because you aren't able to customize your profile page. It does have more features though, so it's a tough call. Either way, the Facebook Twitter combination is a great one for social networking, so it seems. Both take little time to update and check, letting you easily conenct with friends.

One of my favorite features of Facebook is the status update. I would love to shake the hand of the guy at that creative brainstorming meating who first grew the gonands to speak up about his idea on allowing the user write a status and let others see and comment on it. Brilliant! It seems simple right now, but that is only because we have been exposed to this. Twitter is solely based around the status update, so I'm quite a big fan of the concept. I will do another opinion update in about a month or so, depending on my thoughts. Stay tuned!

I'm going to go Tweet now.

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    What's your's, man?

  2. the fun has just begun Josh...go micro blog !

  3. Lance, I am following you on Twitter already, so check that out, but if you must know:

    Ani, I can imagine the fun has just begun. Oh, the joys of social networking!