Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taylor's Temptation Models

I have recently finished the 3D models for my most recent (and first) animation called Taylor's Tempatation for all you new readers who would be lost if I had not said anything. Click the link to read the story. These are three seperate animations that show all aspects of my models. I believe I still have some work on the model of Taylor, but other than that, I just want to get started on animating!

These took me quite a while because I am just now becoming comfortable with 3D Studio Max (a 3D software program for all of you non-computer graphics savy people out there). But, I am now becoming very comfortable with the software, thanks to my wonderful professor/friend, and plan to do a very short animation over the summer to stay on top of my skills. Oh, and don't worry, this one will be happy and funny. I can't wait to start it already.

I hope you find these models interesting, although they will be much more enjoyable when they are actually animated and in the sequential story. Critiques, like always, are most welcome. Bring the heat!

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  1. I like the room, looks good and fits well with the character, real industrial looking. Looks like you don't need bones the way your character is, so that's good, should make animating easier.

    One suggestion is when you do 360 spin of model with cycwall, i would just spin the model around so that we always see the cycwall insted of doing a 360 with the camera.

    Start animating as soon as you can, it seems like it always takes longer than you expect it to haha.

  2. Thanks Marcelo!

    The reason I made Taylor that was was so I didn't really have to do many bones for him, hence starting to animate earlier. Hehe!

    As for the "cycwall" as you call it, I have never used one before. That definitely makes sense to have the model spin and not the camera. I was just so used to hearing that the camera needed to spin on this sort of thing. I was wrong. Haha!