Friday, January 9, 2009

Taylor's Temptation

Below is the short story I have written as a back story to the animation I will be creating this spring for class. I wanted to get a very confused feeling out of the reader, leave them in the dark, and keep them asking questions. I enjoy reading stories that constantly make my thoughts swarm, so I tried to project that into my own. Personally, I am happy with this story considering I am just starting to write. Comments are most welcome!

Taylor's Temptation

“Where the hell am I? What is this place? I’ve never seen anything like it before!” Taylor thought. “Where do I go from here?”
These questions would continue to run through his mind for days, keeping him confused and out of place, wondering how he had gotten where he was and what he was expected to do in this awkward situation. Not one person could help him; he was on his own, like an aimlessly roaming drifter, lost at sea. His only help was himself and that was not going to do him much.

“Is this a different world?” he asked, “These people have cruel intentions! I can tell. I don’t want to be a part of this. How could you live with yourself?”
Taylor noticed. He began to learn about culture, about conversation, about relationships, love, and death. Soon, he became scared.

Afraid of what may happen to him, he began to close himself away from the world he was in. At all costs, Taylor would avoid confrontation and conversation, all because he did not want to turn into what he saw in others, pessimists and backstabbers. All Taylor wanted was a home. Somewhere he could find himself alone and secluded from others. But, that was just not possible here, so he learned to live with a world unlike his imagination had intended.

He slowly began to find himself becoming a part of a community he did not want to be a part of and there was nothing to stop it. What more could he do? He had to get by. And his only chance for that was to fit in, become a part of the world, and accept his surroundings, something he was not so fond of.

“Someone please get me out of this hell hole!” Taylor exclaimed. The days wore on and Taylor soon noticed that he had been walking in the same tracks day after day. Nothing changed and every sunrise seemed the same as the last, until one particular night, he noticed an unattended door that had always been guarded before now. As anyone with curiosity would, Taylor approached the entrance, with a light step, so he would not be noticed. He heard no sound from the inside and nothing jumped out at him that screamed danger, so Taylor ever so slowly cracked open the door, just enough to fit his right eye.

A pure white room, with absolutely nothing in it, sat in front of him. For a moment, he felt a calm and tranquil sensation, something Taylor had not felt in a long time. Exploration of the room was expected. Taylor approached every wall, blank and bleached white, with curiosity, prepared to discover a flaw. The imperfection could not have come sooner. The last, uncharted section of the room brought a surprise and shock to him.

“What the?” Taylor pondered. It was clear he had never been exposed to anything quite like this before. A blanket of interest covered him. In front of Taylor, hovered a small button, with the words “Do Not Push” scribed directly above. An impulse of temptation crowded his every thought, taking control of his judgment second by second. “Why shouldn’t this button be pushed?” Taylor thought to himself. “What could possibly happen?”

Unwanted desire is something Taylor had never thought in depth about, until now. A burden now rested on top of his shoulders, like a heavy rain beating on his body, waiting to be taken care of. Taylor found himself slowly conceding to this urge, although fighting it. He was unable to stop his limbs from moving forward with a soon-to-be regretted decision. The hint of surrender was made known and there was no way for Taylor to turn back! He was in shame, before he had even pressed the button. The act had finally been done and Taylor was now an object of the masked room full of a seduction that has yet to loose.

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  1. Great story. Excellent character development. I can't wait to see how you visualize it in 3d.

  2. Thanks Jason! I can't wait either.

    To be honest, I may be asking you some questions throughout the semester. Haha! I want mine to at least somewhat compare to your animation, if that's possible!

  3. It will. Great concept Josh! GEt to work! ;)

  4. Thanks for the support Zeb! Haha!

    Sir, I'll get to work, sir!