Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christopher Columbus Fails Again

With recent critiques and suggestions to the history-changing shirt I have recently designed, I have mocked up a final draft. This includes a compilation of the shirt and design in one image, which is how many designs are presented, so I decided to make one.

I hope you like the final version even more than the first. I believe the design is now fluid and holds much better.

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  1. Not quite. It's supposed to be a cream color. Haha!

    You know how the CMYK transfer goes, hence your Valentines Day Flower Illustration. ;)

  2. I've got to be honest, I don't know what you changed, but it looks good. The only thing that I would suggest is to maybe make the word Santa Maria flow with the sail; it looks a little stiff, but that may be what you are looking for.

  3. Thanks Samantha!

    I changed some line work and filled in the bottom of the ship to keep the continuity of the design. Glad you like it!

  4. I agree with Zeb; looks pink to me. One thing that bothers me is the direction of the flags. It apears that the wind is blowing upwards from the water which seems a bit odd.