Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taylor's Tempatation Storyboards

18 frames and days later, I am finally finished with the storyboards for my animation. Although time consuming, tedious, frustrating, and mentally draining, these are extremely important for the entire process of creating an animation. Ask anyone or watch/read articles and interviews with professionals in the industry. I actually just posted a video clip of the importance of storyboarding on another blog I write for.

This significantly helps with the planning process of the story. You are able to pinpoint the camera angles you want for each shot, the expressions your character will have, and get a feel for the framing of each scene. This may not illustrate what the animation will look like exactly, but this gives you a very good feel for the sequencing. I am obviously not the best traditional artist, but these are simple tools to help when I bring all of this to the computer.

I like to remember back to a very simple, yet impacting quote one of my professors always encourages, "Think 8 hours, work 2."

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  1. Good job Josh! Maybe I could get you to write a short story for me?

  2. Thank you Jason!

    And I'd say that there's a very good chance I could do that for you.

  3. hey Josh..looks good and considering that i have to do mine this week...its definitely motivating too !

    and thanks for the video link on your other blog, which reminds me to feed that one to my rss as well !


    have fun mate !

  4. Thanks Ani!

    I'm glad I could motivate you to get started on yours. It's obviously a huge step and now that I've got my story all planned out, I can really get rockin' on my modeling and animation, which will completely...rock! Haha!

    Glad you liked the video man. I figured it was appropriate considering I was story boarding at the time.

  5. I like the story. it is really simple but entertaining. mine would be a lot of trees and flowers

  6. I wanted to keep it very simple, but yet have a lot of meaning. Glad you noticed Wenie!

    Can't wait to see yours.