Friday, February 13, 2009

Design By Humans

The design community is just as important to me as actually designing. I say this because without a support system or others to share an interest with you, there is no reason to be passionate about what you do. This goes for any field, whether it be graphic design or not!

Design By Humans is a great website filled with amazing t-shirts you can buy, designed by designers just like you and I. There are contests that run, where anyone can submit artwork for and other members vote on them. Right now, there is a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt contest that I might enter artwork for. Who knows!

Below are just a few of my favorite shirts that I have found while browsing the site for the whole hour or two it has taken me to fall in love with the community. Go ahead, click the link, buy some sweet shirts that will stick you out from the crowd, and support starving artists!

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  1. wow ! some funky neat designs !

    i would really drool over them for a long time !

    simply beautiful ! wish they had delivery in India too ! :-(

    thanks for the share Josh !

  2. Yeah. They really are awesome. The site is full of them! I hope to get my work on here soon and start making money maybe.

    Glad you like the post!