Monday, February 23, 2009

What The Font?

This is by far the best application that has ever been released for any designer! In fact, it is probably the best thing that has come around since sliced bread. When I came across the article, I truly thought it was fake because it was almost too good to be true. You will soon learn why. For all of you will iPhones, pay extra close attention!

Have any of you ever looked at a wonderful, smart, well-made design and asked yourself, "What font did they use? It is absolutley perfect!" But, after that, you have to leave it alone and walk away. It's a sad day for everyone. Well, you are able to quickly take a photo of the font with your iPhone and let the application scan it. What The Font then produces one or more possible fonts that are similar or exact to the type used in the design!

It's like magic, but not. I know this has been online for a while, but now it is at all iPhone user's fingertips and I, for one, could not be happier! Notice the number of exclamation marks I have used throughout this post. It is just hard not to because I will use this application more than any other application, guaranteed!

Thank you What The Font. You have truly made designer's lives easier and able to preserve more hair, with your creative thinking.

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  1. A real designer would study the art of typography and know all the fonts by name. I didn't take you as somone who would choose the easy, unrewarding path.

    Ha, just jokes. Sounds like a cool app.

  2. That is indeed a bad ass application. The website has saved me numerous times on client projects while trying to match a font from their logo, to match a style, or to find a certain font to fit a theme. Have you seen the site?

    When the launched the new application for the phone they posted updates to the look of the site and it is quite nice. Very simply to use and usually, even though the majority of the fonts they provide are pay for fonts, they hit the nail on the hear. However, with the beauty of torrents you will more than likely never have to pay for a font. That is like paying for air.

    Check out the site. They also have a place that if you can not find the font that you are looking for they will have an employee actually research for you and email you back the correct font. I have used that numerous time and has always proved successful. The turn around time is never more than a few hours.

  3. Jason, you are right. I am ashamed of myself. The application has been deleted. Not really, but I had you there for a second! Haha!

    Ricky, I have heard of the website. It's such a great resource when you're really stuck. I've have not had to resort to it yet, but I assume, sometime down the road, I will.

    I didn't know about the whole employee searching for the font if their database cannot match it. That's crazy!

  4. though i dont have an iphone...yet ! it sure looks like a killer app...thanks for the heads up mate !

    p.s. - i have to share this !

  5. You're very welcome Ani!

    Share away. Haha!