Monday, February 16, 2009

Letter Monsters

Watch out or the Letter Monsters will get you! Not really, but you can imagine, right?

Joey Ellis took a very different way with teaching by creating monsters out of letters. Instead of a boring letters that are dull illustrations, he decided to spice things up a bit. I respect him for this because I would have loved to learn my letters from monsters, rather than those gross cursive ones they have on lined paper. It makes me cringe just thinking about them!

Anyways, Joey talks on why he developed these:

"My son James is beginning to study letter forms. He’s a visual kid (as most kids are) and really likes monsters. So, I designed some Letter Monsters to help him in his studies. I’d like to share these Letter Monsters with others who may be learning their letters. You can download Letter Monsters for free!"

The characters you see below are my favorites from the alphabet.

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