Monday, February 9, 2009

Radiohead Grammy Award Performance

I am a huge fan of Radiohead. I would say they are my first or second favorite band, and that is saying something, but that is a continual battle in my head. Either way they are amazing, live and in studio, and in this case, performing live at the Grammy Awards last night. Accompanied by the USC marching band, Thom Yorke and the rest of the band reinvented 15 Step, the first song featured on their newest album In Rainbows.

Of course this video cannot be perfect because not even a day has passed since the performance, but I will still highlight it on my blog because of the creativity and pure genius it takes to write a song like this and recreate it with a college marching band. I am a bit upset that Radiohead did not win album of the year. They completely deserved it! Radiohead, in my mind you won every award there, including the rap awards with Jay-Z's new released Jaydiohead album. I suggest you take a listen and download it for free on that site!

Enjoy the video!

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