Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Unique Way To Catch A Criminal

I have recently teamed up with a very talented group of artists to create an animated short that we hope to submit to the SIGGRAPH Animation Festival and other competitions. We are planning on being completely done with the animation within the year and are just now in the brainstorming stages of the project. We all have come up with short stories that could possibly serve as the backbone to the animation. Mine is listed below. I came up with the concept and wrote it all within an hour. Tell me what you think.

A Unique Way to Catch a Criminal

The audience is invited by the site of a soon-to-be crime scene. We notice a masked robber trying to evade a fail safe security system that has trip lasers crossing the whole room. The red lights shine across each square foot of the room. The masked man is prepared though. He pulls out a bag of what seems to be simple chalk carrier, but we soon learn that it is very high tech powder that suspends itself in the air, exposing the laser beams for the robber to climb over and under with ease.

To the robber’s surprise, there is more to overcome. This time, the obstacle has transformed into a dangerous task, with some very risky hurdles. The camera slowly focuses off the surprised robber and eye line matches to a series of swinging swords, balls, and spikes coming from the floor and ceiling, like we have seen so many times in the Indiana Jones movies. After a few cycles of watching the terrorizing obstacles, the robber notices that there is timing to the giant swinging obstacles of death. After figuring out the sequence, he dodges, ducks, dives, dips, and doges some more, and gets past the hurdles with nothing but a scratch.

Out of breath and ready to reach the loot, the robber is once again frustrated with yet another obstacle to get around, or should we say, over. With a flabbergasted look on his face, the robber takes a deep breath as we can tell he is debating on turning back. The camera pans across a vast pool of what looks to be hot, molten lava, with nothing but tiny pillars just peaking above the horizon of the fiery magma. We see the robber start walking forward, slightly unconfident that he will pass this task, but, in this case, the juice is worth the squeeze. He slowly makes his way from pillar to pillar, regaining his balance on each. A few times, we are scared that he is going to fall in, but he doesn’t. The robber finally makes it to the other side of the pool and breathes a sigh of relief.

After panting and practically kissing the ground he stands on, the robber sees the loot. With joy, he begins to walk quickly towards it without hesitation, his eyes completely on the prize. He completely disregards his surroundings and is about to fall into the simplest trap known to man. The camera quickly cuts to a circle of rope, carefully laid on the ground. It cuts back to the robber, walking confidently towards his prize. To our surprise, he steps right in the middle of the circle of rope and it is quickly tugged from behind a wall and suspends the robber from the ceiling, exposing him and his sneaky mask for all to see. We see that the robber is extremely frustrated and is extremely mad at himself for jumping the gun so quickly.

The screen goes black and we see a few credits roll up the screen. As this is happening, a new window shows itself in the top right corner of the screen, which shows the robber still hanging from the ceiling. A very goofy looking, clumsy robber creeps into the scene and walks right under our masked robber, looks up at him and continues to easily make his way toward the loot, with obstructions or problems. We end by seeing the first masked robber even angrier at his own ignorance.

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