Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy 23rd Anniversary Pixar Animation Studios

It seems like every day I become more and more of an admirer of Pixar and all of the amazing talent they posses. In just 23 years, they have been able to pull creativity from several individuals and produce 10 absolutely astonishing feature films and 17 short animations! You don't see any other animation studio with that kind of track record. And that is the reason Pixar is such an inspiration.

Right now, I am currently reading a book titled The Pixar Touch by David A. Price, which is an entire history and background in the making of this company that I highly recommend to anyone. I am still not finished because classes started up, and are, once again, taking over my life, but I intend to finish once this semester ends. I also follow The Pixar Touch blog and the Upcoming Pixar blog. I usually devote 30 minutes at least, each day, researching or reading about Pixar and it never gets old!

Happy Anniversary to all who made the dreams of so many possible!

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  1. oh cool !

    Happy Anniversary to Pixar !
    really didnt knew that Josh !

    thanks for the heads up !

    i remember you buying that book in Siggraph, its on my wish list !

    I hope u have already seen the "Pixar Story"...its in the same dvd as Wall-E !

    and those 2 blogs are awesome too, i have it set to feed it HOT in my rss !

    P.S. - i need to learn to write short comments. :D

  2. oops..i guess i shud have seen my rss updated on upcoming pixar blog before seeing your rss updates !

    the anniversary news is right there !

    my bad ! :-(

    on second thoughts u shud be happy i see your updates before pixar's !


  3. Haha! You're awesome Ani! Don't worry about leaving long comments. What, are the comment police going to come get you? Ha!

    I have seen The Pixar Story twice now. It came with the Wall-E DVD. Yeah, definitely follow those blogs. You will like them a lot!

    I'm glad my RSS is faster than theirs! Yeah!