Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Album Artwork

I will first say that I cannot release any pictures of my work in progress for the new album I am doing, but I would like to let you know of my progress and how I think it will turn out. The band that the album artwork is for is my cousin's band called The Post Script. And now you're saying to yourself, "Oh, great, another mediocre, local band!" I will assure you that is not the case!

They have so much talent that they pour into their music that it is blatantly obvious. A style this young in the game is great to have, and it is much different than that of what you hear from day to day. It's better! Right now the band is in the studio recording the second half of their full length album called "Seasons Change," which will be released in the upcoming months.

Also, in these upcoming months, the album artwork and shirt design for this new wave of music will be hitting the shelves and I will be a major player in encasing the viewer and listener in the music, from a visual standpoint as well as capturing every sense with the music. They have the musical side covered, so now it's my job to make the designs so good that you are forced to buy the album and shirt no matter what! Even if you are somehow allergic to music or shirts!

For now, visit their Facebook fan site, take a listen to their previous recordings, and become a fan!

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