Monday, December 22, 2008

The Pixar Touch

Today, I picked up one of my newest books that I purchased while journeying Singapore. It is called "The Pixar Touch" by David A. Price. From the name, I hope you can put two and two together, but if not I'll tell you. It is a definitive history of the company of Pixar, how it came to be, explaining the perseverance of a talented and determined group of individuals.

Like I said, I just started this book today, so I am only about a chapter and a half into it, but so far, the book is really informative and inspirational! Oh great, more inspiration for me, as if I don't have enough! Either way, I will probably end up reading this by the end of my winter break, along with a few other books I have recently purchase. I guess you could say I'll be quite the book worm for the next few weeks!

Once finished with the book, I will have a full review posted here, for those of you who care to listen to my opinions. Other than that, expect a short story posting, by me, on here in the next week. Yes, you heard right!

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1 comment:

  1. Coool! It is inspiring to know the history and stuff about Pixar but not forget to go back to the real world. Get back to work and polish your skills!