Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Reds And Greens

Since I am a designer, I feel like I should share a quick piece of information that you may not know. The Christmas season is filled with the colors of red and green. But why? There are many suggestions to the meaning of each color, which make valid points, but I'll propose a different view.

The colors red and green are complimentary, meaning they are on opposite sides of that color wheel you once learned in 2nd grade art class. These compliments have the greatest amount of contrast with one another, and when mixed with the proper portions of each can produce a shade of grey, one of which, being white: The Color Of Snow!

With that being said, may your Christmas this year be filled with the complimentary colors of red and green and fluffy white snow!

For now, enjoy this Christmas card from Pixar. Next year, I promise I will make my own. Hold me to it!

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  1. You know, I really need to write my article on why I feel that red is the most important color that we have. Not only in advertising and marketing but even as far as the color of your car as how it relates directly to the number of tickets you will incur.

    You think I should write that?

  2. Totally agreed. Red's extremely powerful. Write it.

    Write it now!

  3. The other day my sister told me that the red on candy canes symbolizes the blood of Christ and that the cane is actually a J for Jesus.

    I then explained to her that candy canes are canes made out of candy...

  4. Seth, you just made me laugh out loud all be myself! You amaze me man!