Saturday, December 6, 2008

The First of Many

This post begins the series of many that I will be writing about, while overseas in Singapore. I now patiently wait in the NEW Indianapolis Airport to leave for Detroit, MI. From there I will fly to Tokyo (Who thought I'd get to also visit Tokyo for a bit?) and then off to my real destination for the trip, Singapore! I would like to comment that the new Indianapolis Airport is wonderful! It is well organized, large, clean, and futuristic. I even tried to search for pictures of it, but none did justice because I majority were still 3D renderings. That goes to show just how new this really is.

Instead, I decided to add a nice picture of Tokyo. I've never researched Tokyo, but I'm excited to spend a whole 2 hours there, exploring the culture, before I leave the city. Yes, 2 full hours! Ha! What the heck will I do for 2 hours? Oh yeah, run around like a chicken with its head cut off, and hopefully find my way to the terminal, so I catch my next flight!

Speaking of catching flights, my plane from Indianapolis is boarding in about 10 minutes, so I better start packing! I'm sitting right next to the window and can't help but watch the snow fall. Oh, Christmas tree!

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