Friday, January 30, 2009

Blasted 404 Page Errors!

I think most everyone is familiar with the 404 errors you tend to run into at the worst possible times, while browsing the internet. Say you are doing a research project and you finally find a link that describes exactly what you are looking for, so naturally, you click it with excitement! "Yes, I finally found it," you say. The computer responds, "Actually Josh, you can't look at this page because it was no found. Haha! Sucks for you!" You then proceed to pull your hair out.

I've seen it a thousand times!

Nobody likes them, but yet us designers find a way to make them pretty, funny, and worthwhile. You think it to be impossible, but designers rest at nothing when solving problems. In a sense, that is what we are: problem solvers. These next few images are just a few from a great article I found highlighting some of the better designed 404 errors scattered over the internet.

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  1. I am so glad that you commented on this post. I was going to later. I did not even read the article to know that you said all the same things I was thinking. How freaking cool is that?

  2. That is freaking cool!

    I couldn't pass it up.

  3. Hahaha, I think I've seen the "Bang!" one before.

  4. if this is the way 404 will look and the designs keep changing, i would like to get more 404 errors ! :-P

  5. Lance, that's hilarious. Can you think of what site it was from?

    Ani, I totally agree. A lot of these are so funny, so I wouldn't mind it either.