Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BoldHeart Design Going Bankrupt

Today marks a sad day. BoldHeart Design has been compromised and will not be able to continue services. It is an extremely unfortunate event, which I was not expecting to happen, but it did. With the economy in shambles right now, we are just not able to continue on the endeavors set forth and will not be able to sacrifice the time and money into a market that is dying.

Many experts have said that start up graphic design companies should discontinue services and find a new niche because they are bound to fail within the coming months. Over 78% of even successful firms are having to shut their doors due to the bad economic weather. I have taken the advice of these professionals and decided to board up the windows, although it is extremely sad doing so because BoldHeart just recently came into existence.

My apologies go out to all of those who believed in this company and who held high hopes on it doing great things in the future. And shame on those who do not check the date. This is what they call "April fools!" On this day, you are to trick people and make them worry. I bet I got you!

BoldHeart will not be giving up its struggle to start something great! In fact, there have been quite a few project requests coming across my desk, which promises work to keep this company afloat. All "facts" stated above are completely false and in no way represent the graphic design community. They sound pretty real though, don't they?

Oh, by the way, gullable is written on your ceiling and I suggest you get some cleaning supplies to scrub it off.

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  1. hahahah....nice bait...but better luck next year mate !


  2. I was thinking when I read that, "Don't you have to have income to be able to declare bankruptcy?" Nice work man.

  3. Booo! You got me. I have to agree with Ricky that you did seem to be throwing in the towel a little soon :-)

  4. When I read the headline the first thing that crossed my mind was:

    "Bankrupt? Wait, Josh had money!? That Son of a..."