Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amazing Videos for Inspiration

If there's one thing I talk too much about, it's inspiration. For some reason, it matters to me more than a lot of other steps during design. Whether you are a designer or a fireman, inspiration is needed to keep motivated. I believe it to be essential for creativity and fuel for great work.

Below, you will find a plethora of videos that could make you laugh, cry, and inspire you in many different ways. Search through them and watch as you become engulfed in videos handpicked by me for additional inspiration to liven your day!


The Credit Crisis Visualized - Ever wonder what is really going on with credit and the housing market these days? Thanks to Jonathan Jarvis for creating this visual masterpiece to educate all of us who simply do not have the time or patience to research the issue.

The History of the Internet - An beautifully animated documentary by Melih Bilgil explaining the inventions from time-sharing to file sharing, from Arpanet to Internet.


Matt Heil Photography Video - A great compilation of photography by Matt Heil that illustrates an imaginative story of the music that it is synced with.


Steve Jobs Stanford Comencement Speech - An extremely inspirational story told from Steve Jobs' perspective. Learn about life and death and how you have to view it everyday.


Air and Simple Gifts - Maestro John Williams arranged a piece based on Aaron Copeland's arrangement of the old Shaker Tune "Simple Gifts" for the 44th president's innaguration, producing wonderful orchestral piece that is completely beautiful. No animation, but musically is an inspiration.

Radiohead Grammy Award Performance - Accompanied by the USC marching band during the Grammy Awards, Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead reinvented 15 Step, the first song featured on their newest album "In Rainbows."

Movie Trailers

Watchmen and Wall-E Teaser Trailer - AtomicGreymon, from Pixar Planet's forum, decided to create this teaser trailer to hype up both the release of Watchmen and the much praised Wall-E.

Diseny/Pixar "Up" Theatrical Trailer - Pete Doctor, director of our beloved Monsters Inc., has done it once again, with a riveting story boosted by humor and lifelike characters. Watch the trailer here!


Miller High Life Once Second Ads - Super Bowl commercials produced by Miller rethinks the way to market during events like this be transforming one comercial into many by creating one to two second clips that get the point across.

Don't SIGGRAPH - SIGGRAPH IUPUI released its first live action promotional video for the 2009 Student Exhibition based off of the very famous "Don't Vote" sensation to persuade more people to vote in the past election.


Obama's Elf - London-based animator Michael Schlingmann created this funny 20-second animated pun. Great animation and very original idea, I must say!

The First Moon Landing a Hoax? - Did NASA really land on the moon? Watch some conspirators talk about thier visions and read about my thoughts on the matter.

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  1. I saw the title for this and thought it was for sure just a bunch of videos of Jordan, Matt, Kyle, and I from last week.