Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tylenol, Santa Clause, and a Whole Lot of Marketing

Graphic design, visual communications, new media, and any other fancy schmancy combination of words you can put together to describe this industry all mean the same. We solve problems and present the solutions visually, regardless of what your title is, a graphic designer does just that. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. There are many titles that mean different things, but for the sake of this post and my sanity, I'm keeping is broad.

Tylenol decides to take a very different take on marketing. Their drug obviously relieves pain, reduces fevers, and even halts symptoms of allergies, but does it cure the symptoms of these situations shown in the pictures below? Well, of course! That's why they are marketing this way. Tylenol decided to show some really awful situations and subliminally tells the viewer that no matter what the event, even discovering Santa isn't real or that your goldfish is dead, Tylenol medicine can cure it!

Oh, and if you still believe in Santa, do not fear. I was only speaking in relation to this piece of marketing material and in no way doubt his presence on Christmas. I mean come on, it's completely rational to believe an extremely overweight, old man can travel to every single house in the world by squeezing down every chimney, eating the cookies and milk set out by the children, and managing to not get sick. He is real folks!

Anyways, did you know that the active substance of Tylenol, acetaminophen, was first used in medicine in 1894? Well, now you do! Boy, that's old!

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  1. Santa Clause is little more than a marketing sceme himself. Coca Cola completely designed his image during a Christmas campaign decades ago. Oh the irony! Wait... Is that ironic or just depressing?