Monday, April 27, 2009

Ten Signs You May Be Overcharging

It's one thing to charge too little for the projects you do, but to overcharge is something to take into consideration as well. I think it's well overlooked and I can attest to it. So, what are the signs that you may be overcharging your clients for project quotes? Here are some that you should be aware of. Humor aside, most of it is completely true!

To justify the price on your quotes, you’ve started writing extra words that usually mean the same thing. For example: Creation of Concept, Concept Development, Concept Refinement, Tweaking to Concept, Amendments to Concept.

You're still living off a project you finished in 2007.

Even your largest clients and big companies ask to pay you in installments.

Clients often ask you if you are using US dollars to quote your prices.

When you have to charge a client for design changes, they often fall over in their chair in the midst of a heart attack.

Nobody ever hires you twice.

When you give a client a price quote, they feel insulted. Their response: "If you didn't want to work with us, you could have just said so."

You tried to use the Freelance Switch Rates Calculator and your computer exploded.

When you hear what your lawyer charges per hour, all you can think is "Ha! Small fry."

You have reportedly charged $500,000 for this logo!

Thanks to the Freelance Switch blog for this article.

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