Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Very Creative T-Shirt Designs

I love a good challenge. Who doesn't? Well, bums, that's who. Those who aren't cut out for life in the fast lane. Did I really just say that? Anywho, it pushes your skills and keeps you working at you highest potential. This is the best situation to work in and it should always be the case because if you aren't working to your potential, you're obviously not designing as well as you could be (assuming you are a designer). But, this goes for any job that you may be working. Why not put all your effort into what you do? Take pride in what you do.

I say all of this because these shirt designs seem to be created by individuals who were thinking hard and designing to their potential. They may not be the most intricate of designs, but some of the concepts are just amazing! After all, designing is way more about concept than it is production. I'll refer to a cherished quote:

"Think 8 hours, work 2."

This is probably my favorite design of the bunch. I just can't imagine the looks I would get wearing this around all day. Confusing? Yes! The shirt was designed for a FedEx campaign, making the wearer appear to be holding a FedEx package on their side.

I will admit that it took me a second to realize what this shirt was, which makes it all the better. Although, the only way the shirt would work is if you had back hair, it's still an amazing concept! This was for marketing hair growth products in Singapore. What better way to show that your product grows hair than to actually make you hair appear to be longer?

The invisible t-shirt! How cool! I understand this because I use Photoshop and other design programs. If you don't know what this is, the checker board means that that part of your design is transparent. I will say one thing. The image of the eraser on this shirt is not what it looks like in Photoshop. It could look like that in other secondary (not as good) programs though. Sorry, I'm just nitpicking now.

Are you at all grossed out by this? I am! But, look on the bright side. With this shirt, you won't even have to take your shirt off during a shirts and skins game of basketball, assuming you're on the skins side.

A marketing plan to promoting the change of Music Connection re-branding into Marshall Music. I think the micorphone and headphones are the better of the three because the guitar looks quite awkward without a neck. Either way, I'd buy one. Any takers?

No more worrying about carrying your roller blades or shades around. You have them on your shirt! A nice illusion. I think the Ray-Ban shades would trick some people a little more than the roller blades. I mean who carries their roller blades around with them? Better yet, who roller blades anymore?!

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  1. Love all the tees my favourite would have to be the fed ex one though that is an awesome idea and people who wear it wouldn't even realising they are doing it ...that is making the shirt work!
    just like the guy pictured, very clever people who are coming up with these nifty designs!

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