Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recommended Blogs #1

This is a first of many, in a series I have termed "Recommended Blogs." In an effort to expand your knowledge, you may want to check out other sources of news on top of the BoldHeart Blog, although you can get most of everything you will ever need to read about here. I follow many blogs. From health to technology to graphic design, they are all great and I learn more than I ever thought possible from them.

This will be a series of many, where every month I will be releasing some of my latest findings and great resources for you, the graphic designer. In this first post, I would like to mention many of my close friends who also have blogs. Many of these authors being very close friends of mine. So, what are you waiting for?! Read, comment, and spread the word! Oh, and if you know of some great websites that I haven't listed here, leave a comment with links to them!

Recommended Blogs #1

You The Designer
A graphic design blog featuring tips, freebies, design jobs and more!

Design Observer

Writings on design and culture can be found here.

Creative Review Blog
News and views on visual communication from the readers and writers of Creative Review.

Zeb M. Wood
A digital diary delving into the graphical habits of a raving lunatic.

Dan Baldwin
The Illustration Brothel, where you will find illustration work and the whatnot of Dan Baldwin.

John Ludwick
Zealot Crazy Talk, the babblings of someone who knows no better.

Jon Lyons
Stay updated on all the art and illustration of Studio Frogisis.

Lance Goyke
Views, tips, tricks, and the frequent life from the eyes of a health enthusiast.

Seth Quillen
Freelance graphic artist and comic guru, who goes by the pen name "Koompa."

Anirudh Bhalotia
An AnimationMentor student's journey, views, experiences, life, opinions, thoughts, and emotions.

Ricky Lee Potts
Design + blog + opinion.

Remember to spread the word of these and my blog in your venture through the internet. If you haven't already started following, now is the time! You can subscribe many ways by using the "Subscribe to" feature at the very top of this blog. It's easy peasy!

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  1. woot ! I made it too ! Thanks for your kind gesture man ! :-)

  2. Hey thanks Josh! Make me work harder ehhh?! Will be posting quite a bit in the next week or so for you 3D fans!!!!

  3. You got it guys! Why wouldn't I include all of you!?

  4. Um Josh. The thing is Im not on there and that is kind of a big problem. FUCK HEAD! God you suck. ha

  5. Ahaha! Nolan. Overeact much?

    Anyways, I'm sorry, but your blog may not appeal to many people that read this. It's a harsh truth, but someone had to say it. Haha! I still love you though.

  6. Nice....... You give some information may be it help so many people. I like the way you think and post this information.

  7. I'm glad you like it! Check back for more.