Friday, April 24, 2009

Frank Chimero: Illustrator and Writer

Frank Chimero is a illustrator, graphic designer, and writer based in Springfield, Missouri. He also teaches design and typography at Missouri State University. I follow a fun website of his called Questionable Characters, where him and Ben Barry have the answers to any graphic design questions. Opps, I mean puppies!

It's a pretty fun website, filled with informative and sometimes random answers from professional designers. Remember, you ask the questions. I'm still waiting to hear back from a few that I've asked, but I'll hold back my feelings until tonight when I cry into my pillow.

Frank has a wonderful website. It's simple, straight forward, shows off his talents, and has an amazing store where you can buy awesome prints he has created. This is probably my favorite part of his site and what really drove me to post this. He has an extremely original series of posters called "The States Series." He is working on illustrating every US state in a way that is more than creative. Below are a few of my favorite: Colorado, California, and Illinois (respectively).

On top of this wonderful series, which I highly encourage you to browse, he has a lovely set of inspirational design posters for people like you and I. For Christmas, I will be asking for about three of these! They could quite possibly be these three. Again, I highly suggest checking the "shop" link on his website to see all of these amazing works. Kudos to Frank and an incredible illustration style!

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