Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello! Want A Business Card?

I have seen many business cards in my day. Big ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny ones, bad ones, good ones, and the list goes on! I actually just counted all of the ones I have saved over the past year and a half and it totals to 70. To me, that's a lot, but I suspect that in one more year, that number will double if not triple. Some of these cards I have make me feel important. Some of the companies that have given me their cards include Lucas Film, Maxon, Disney, Mental Images, Lightstream Animation, Blizzard Entertainment, and Starz Animation just to name a few.

See a trend here? Of course you do. Everyone who's someone has a business card, whether they are representing themselves, their company, or a company they work for. This seems to be the number one marketing piece for yourself that is fast, efficient, and gives a complete stranger all the information they would ever need to stalk you!

Going through the cards I have collected, I notice trends. I will save that for another blog post though, so keep your eyes open. But I do suggest you take a look at many different kinds of business cards and their designs to get a sense of how people represent themselves on this tiny piece of card stock. It's truly amazing thinking about all of the ways people present their information on a 3 inch by 1.75 inch (in most cases) piece of paper.

Getting to the juice of this post, enjoy my business cards. I went with a very nice, neat, sleek, and very presentable design that obviously follows the BoldHeart visual identity. I get the point across and tell you who I am on the card and how you can contact me. Make sure if you bump into me, you ask for one because they feel so much better than they look, although I'm not too fond of my wooden desktop as their backdrop!

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  1. Very nice work. My new business cards are rounded as well and it is similar to am image on a web page; it makes all the difference.

    You are making me proud over there Mr. BoldHeart.

  2. Those are very cool. Really like just having the logo by itself on the one side. The rounded edges are nice too.

    Where did you get these printed? They look like they have some nice weight to them.

  3. Ricky, thanks! Glad I can make you proud. ;)

    Marcelo, I got these printed at Overnight Prints. There are several online printing services though. Literally countless. Vista Print is another service I went through that was cheaper than these. Thanks for the good words!

  4. Lance, beautiful may be a good way to describe them. ;)

    Thanks Zeb!

  5. Really great work Josh, so simple and elegant. just come across your site for the first time and have really enjoyed reading through some of your posts. thanks

  6. Freddesign, thank you so much for stopping by. I'm really happy you like my work and what I write about! I hope you come back for more in the future.

    Just checked out your blog and portfolio as well. Really nice logo development! Well done.