Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Ol' Mom

Don't you just love your mom?! Me too. She is great! This comic I have just made is an indirect way of me saying, "Thanks mom, for bringing me to the movie theater when I thought it was really cool to meet girls there. Thanks for supporting my endeavors out of diapers. And thanks for letting me know it was not alright to eat dog biscuits."

Stripgenerator is a great website where you can make your own comics with pre-made templates of characters, objects, humans, and other resources you need to publish your own simple comic. I say this because the comic you see above was created on that site and it was extremely easy. Comics have never really been my forte, if you will, so the discovery of this generator will mean more stupid comics such as this one for your viewing pleasure.

(Click the picture to enlarge.) It's not brain surgery folks!

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  1. I used the stripgenerator a couple of times. Hilarity ensued, as it always does!

    The word verification asked me to type 'phagg'...

  2. It's great isn't it! Especially when I am nowhere as good with comics as you, Seth. Haha!

    Don't you just love the word verifications?

  3. Quite funny my good sir. Can't imagine what your inspiration was though.

  4. thats hilarious Josh ! keep them coming !

  5. Thanks Ani! I'll make another one today probably. Haha!