Monday, January 12, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I feel obligated to congratulate the cast and crew of Slumdog Millionaire on 4 well deserved Golden Globe awards! This movie, along with Wall-E, was the best of the year bar none, in not just my opinion, but many others as well. This film and contributors won the following awards:

Best Motion Picture - Drama by Fox Searchlight Pictures and Warner Bros.
Best Director - Motion Picture by Danny Boyle
Best Screenplay - Motion Picture by Simon Beaufoy
Best Original Score - Motion Picture by A. R. Rahman

For those of you reading this who have not seen this movie, I want to promise you that, if you go watch this movie today, you will be nothing less than impressed. The story is enthralling and entertaining, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I would also like to touch on the cultural outcomes of this film.

With my recent traveling in mind, I take a new vision to everything I see. I watch the world from two sets of eyes now, one through my American eyes and the other from the Asian, Indian, and European cultures I have met. Granted, I am still very uneducated about each, I feel that I know enough to at least imagine what they would think of certain things and I love it! This movie is truly an accomplishment for the Indian culture, as well as the world around it.

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  1. I am going to keep this short and sweet. And I must apologize to my mother who always said "if you can not say anything nice do not say anything at all."

    This movie was terrible in every sense of the word. The acting was Bollywood common (meaning not that great) and the concept of the movie was very cliche. From the very first scene I knew exactly how this movie was going to end. There was no action, there was no suspense, and I was sick and tired of hearing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire song.

    I actually wrote a blog on about the soundtrack and how this movie was a complete waste of time.

    I am happy for those that won Golden Globes for the film. But I did not enjoy this movie in the least.

    I am sorry for those of you out there that wasted 2 hours of your life for a half hour episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Guess what? He winds the million.

  2. So, I am not sure if it is ethical to debate on a blog, but I can't let this go without saying something.

    I want everyone to know just who this last comment was from. Ricky chose Brittney Spears new album as the best of the year, along with many other terrible choices of music. Yes, I respect the talent, but come on! I can't take the opinion seriously.

    I also believe that the knowledge that Ricky has is close to none. Yes, you are a designer and notice composition, color, and layout, but this movie actually does a great job with all of that and more.

    I respect the cast and crew of this movie for well played efforts and creativity to pull off 4 Golden Globes!

    With that being said, Ricky, I challenge you to create your own feature film, better than this, which will win 5 Golden Globes.