Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Inspirations

Lately, I have been reading quite a few books and experienced things that have given me more inspiration than I ever thought possible. I felt the need to address what gives me the inspiration and why it does, in fact, inspire me because I believe it can relate to anyone in most any industry. Here is a brief list of some of the many things that inspire me:

-Others: This includes designers, friends, family, homeless people, and whoever else gives me courage to keep going.
-Books: Lately it has been The Pixar Touch, A Sad American Mythology, and Ideas for the Animated Short. Three books I would highly recommend. And yes, I am reading all three at the same time.
-Design Blogs: There is no better way to stay updated on the happenings of the computer graphics world as well as other's work than following blogs. This may be my new religion!
-SIGGRAPH: Many of you read this and say, "Huh?" This is a society of graphic designers, a group for the passionate, motivated, and talented designers. I credit this organization to my success thus far.
-Good Color Schemes: It always gives me hope, when I see color used well in any medium. But, it goes the other way too. When I see terrible color usage, my stomach drops and a piece of my soul flakes off.
-Movies: Since I love telling stories, film and animation hold a special place in my heart. You will know when I am inspired by a movie because I will not shut up about it for a good week. Don't even get me started.
-The Day: Any given day, I may walk outside and just think about anything I can. There is so much inspiration in just our surroundings and many do not even realize it. A series of unfortunate events.

There are so many other inspirations that I have not listed here mainly because it would just be way too long of a blog post, so I'll end it with a question, and I expect answers!

What inspires you?

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  1. a thought of a shower. $$$. and the fact that no one knows how the Stonehenge was made.

  2. All great!

    To be honest, sometimes I get some great ideas while in the shower, or more specifically, in the bathroom, if you know what I mean.

  3. Other people who have their shit together inspires me.