Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vanilla Sky

Over the course of my college career thus far, I have been noticing more and more filming techniques due to my graphic design knowledge and my film studies class. It is extremely hard for me to just watch a movie and not pick it apart now, because of this new knowledge. With that being said, I notice the good movies and I notice the amazing movies that are composed with so much care it is sick! Vanilla Sky happens to be one of these movies.

Vanilla Sky is in my top five movies right now. I have yet to find many other strong stories that are original like this one and that of which are produced with such an impressive sense of creativity that it makes you want to watch the film over and over again! I cannot say how many times I've seen this now, but it is quite a bit. Last year, I was assigned a small project to pick apart a movie and find examples of the elements of design in it. The following are shots I captured from the movie that I thought to be accurate.

I posted this to make aware just a fraction of the thought that goes into creating a movie of such impact like Vanilla Sky. Look for this in other movies because you will see these techniques used. If I were to do this now, I think much more thought would go into it and I would choose completely different shots, but these definitely do the trick. Below each shot is the element of design, which explains it.

Asymmetric Balance




Symmetric Balance


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